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she folded up her fears like paper airplanes...

...and lost them in the trees...

3 March 1985

Laughter is Guilt and Silence Incriminates Us

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And she folded up her fears like paper airplanes
And lost them in the trees...

..::About Me::..

a needle in echo groove...

psychic test, psychic development and psychic readings

"Every time I meet a man, he's either gay or a bear." - Crow T. Robot

I like the best music in the entire world. I have been known to drink 6-8 cups of coffee on a daily basis. I enjoy Camel cigarettes and comfy sweaters. I am always tired. I am obsessed with the color teal, and almost everything I own is a shade of blue or green. I am a fan of old musicals and singing in the car. I am a bookworm. I like writing and listening to poetry. I hate root beer and spiders more than anything else on Earth.

You probably don't have the capacity to like me.

I'm just like everyone else.

Life is oblivion erupting, for a brief moment, into nonoblivion in order so that oblivion may proclaim... "I am." The assumption being, that living things are aware enough to make such a proclamation. Let us suppose that they are. Let us suppose that they are, to a degree, self-aware. This makes for the possibility of life recognizing itself, yes, but not as oblivion, only as life. In order for life to recognize itself as a fleeting pulse of oblivion, self-awareness, must be refined into pure awareness, which is observation unimpaired by either ego or preconceptions.

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